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Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Choose from a range of slats:

•16mm - Almost invisble when in the open position

•25mm - Most popular choice due to vast range of colours available

•35mm - Mainly used in commercial applications

•50mm - Mainly Commercial applications with motorised options available

•All Venetians Blinds are fully co-ordinated where possible.

•Available as Perfect Fit Metal Venetians



Venetians Blinds are a practival choice for the home and offices, With such a wide variety of colours and effects to suit any room. Venetians blinds can also be tilited so the user can manpulate light levels into the room and improve window privacy where needed.

All f our Venetian Blinds are manufactured in accordance to the "Child safety" regulations which means that cords are restricted in length to avoid any possible danger to children, we also offer a "uniwand" system which eliminates cords altogether